Further Fall in Legal Aid Uptake

New figures published by the Ministry of Justice derived from data held by the Legal Aid Agency show a continued decline in the both the number of legal aid representation orders being granted and the amount spend on legal aid itself especially in areas which were affected by the scope changes in the LASPO Act. […]

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The Cost of Justice without Lawyers

Presenting your case at Court as a  Litigant in Person is not easy. The massive increase in the number of Litigants in Person however has put considerable strain on the Courts as well. Evidence from Judges and Court staff indicate that there has been a huge increase in the number of people finding themselves in […]

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Launching the Campaign!

The Government seem committed to removing the rights of the people to challenge injustice. Far from being challenged by the press, the government’s efforts in this area seem positively encouraged. A study conducted on the 65th Anniversary of Legal Aid by the Legal Action Group (2014) found: “…evidence that the government has pursued a policy of […]

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